Padre Pale Lager

Maier Brewing Co. had a long run as a successful and recognizable brand in the southern California area. While the majority of its labor was put into two labels: Maier Beer and Brew 102, they also produced several runs of smaller, trendy brews with Padre Pale Lager Beer fitting this bill in the early 1960s.

In 1882, two German brewers, Maier and Zobelein joined forces and established a brewery in their names. When Maier died in 1904, his shares were left to his two sons, with the younger, Eddie, eventually taking over full control of the brewery in 1910. That same year, he renamed the brewery to just Maier Brewing, and he also inherited a baseball team that played in the Pacific League and served as an advertising venue for the brewery. 

By the 1950s Maier was one of the largest breweries in the country, and quickly replaced its former quaint structures with massive industrial buildings to accommodate its growth. In fact, the new structures were so prominent that a section of the Santa Ana Freeway had to be built around them.

In 1958 the brewery was sold to a famous San Francisco brewer who introduced premium brews and newer brewing techniques. He maintained operation until 1972. Today, all that remains from this once historic operation is a parking lot, with the structures being torn down in 1985.