Pacific Lager Beer

Rainier Brewing was established in Seattle, WA, tracing its roots back as early as 1883, but when the state of Washington implemented prohibition in 1916, four years before nationwide prohibition, the brewing corporation made the move to San Francisco, CA where it continued to operate under a variety of ownerships until its closure in 1999.

Little information can be validated about Pacific Lager other than it was produced by Rainier Brewing Co. in San Francisco, CA as one of its post prohibition brews. Two versions of the cone top label existed. The one on your shirt is the more scarce of the two, with cans being rare and valued in the $1500 range. The alternative artwork contained a green background behind the waves and had a black outline around the text and the boat.

The cone was cap sealed, and the can itself contained some rather humorous marketing:

Visits no home but yours. Light cannot penetrate it.

Open it like a bottle… drink from it if you wish.

It cools quickly and takes up little space.

No empties to return. No extras or deposits.