Beverwyck Irish Cream Ale

Beverwyck Brewing Company of Albany, NY opened its doors in 1878 and continued production of beer and ale until prohibition struck in 1920. Like many other breweries of the era, Beverwyck survived prohibition by acquiring a license to produce non-alcoholic beverages. Reopening in 1933, Beverwyck produced six brews (including this Irish Cream Ale) until the early 1950s when it was acquired by F&M Schaefer Brewing company.

Beverwyck used the tagline “Beverwyck, Best Beer Brewed” and had as its logo a shield, with BBBB placed diagonally on the shield. There are dozens of labels and variations available to collectors. Most of Beverwyck’s beer cans are cone tops, the company having switched to flat tops around 1950. In fact, Beverwyck is one of the first brewers to contract with Continental Can Company to use their cap-sealed cone top can in 1936. The earliest Beverwyck cans have inverted ribs on the spout and flat bottoms. Beverwyck also put their beer and ale into Crowntainer cone tops and quart cone top beer cans.

Labels considered rare and most desirable include those marked “Export”, early inverted rib cans, certain quart cone tops, and the Crowntainer cans.