Old Anchor Pilsener



The can that is the inspiration behind April’s shirt is a rare one indeed! In fact, there are only three known pristine, grade 1 examples of this cone top, one located by a Chicago collector in the 1970s and two others discovered several years later.  It is rumored, however, that grade 2 and 3 cans can be found at select dump sites if you’re interested in going on a scavenger hunt.

Old Anchor Brewing had its run from 1897 until 1940 brewing ale, porter, lager and beer. It was predominantly run by German born John G Wellinger as its President with his three sons assisting in various capacities, but the brewery had a revolving door of brewers throughout its existence.

Brackenridge, PA which was home to the brewery became incorporated in September 1901. Prior to this time, it was a dry borough known as Tarentum. The incorporation into the town of Brackenridge lifted the dry status, giving people the right to legally brew, sell and consume alcoholic beverages, something they had wanted for many years.

The brewery remained standing until only a few years ago when it was condemned in 2014 and demolished one year later.