Alps Brau Beer



This month, as the snow storms take hold of much of the country, we bring you a suitable label in Alps Brau Beer. Ironically, this wintery brew hails from sunny Santa Rosa, CA, and is one of many beers that were produced by the famous Grace Brothers Brewing company.


If you were fortunate enough to receive our December 2017 Buffalo shirt, or our June’s Nu-Deal, you should know a bit about Grace Brothers already. Essentially, the family immigrated from Ireland in the mid 1800s and now spans six generations in the Sonoma Valley region. Over time, the family was involved in a myriad of businesses from groceries, farming, ice, wine, real estate, hockey and of course – beer.


With the end of prohibition in 1933, Grace Brothers sparked up full beer brewing operations again, and continued operation in the valley until 1966. They acquired other smaller breweries, which eventually allowed them to increase their distribution south to the Mexican border, and north to Eureka.  They were the third largest brewery in the state, and forged partnerships with others, but the family remained the core of all brewing operations.


The Alps Brau label was short lived, being distributed for fewer than five years in the late 50s and early 60s. The can’s flashy artwork and bright colors make it a desirable addition for many collectors. While not as rare as some of the others we have featured, a mint condition can can be found for approximately $300.